Birds at Fågeludden

Birds at Fågeludden

Bird hides

By naturum Hornborgasjön there are a number of hiding places that you can advantageously "crawl" into and get the birds closer to life. At the grebe hide there is a small colony of black-headed gulls and in the early summer beard dips usually swim past.


When it comes to grebes, Hornborgasjön is one of the few lakes where you can see all five European grebe species. In addition to the great crested grebe, the red-necked grebe is quite common. The black-necked grebe has its only reliable occurrence here in Sweden, the horned grebe sometimes nests at the footbridge outside nature and the small dope sometimes overwinters at the outlet and is otherwise seen at, among other places, at Ore Nabb.

Around Hornborgasjön there are a total of 289 bird species.

Common species: great crested grebe, great crested grebe and duck. Greylag geese are common in the meadows and whooper swans live in the ponds at the information facility, whooper swans rest in the spring and autumn in thousands a few nests around the lake

Birds of prey: brown marsh hawk, osprey, sea eagles also now nest regularly near the lake, mostly seen at the southern end at Trandansen, golden eagles can be seen in winter

Rarities: striped goose, snow goose, emperor goose, dwarf snow goose and black swan