Watching the cranes dance is the highlight of the spring


Crane dance

During March / April, thousands of cranes gather here on their way north.

The record was broken in 2019 when 27,300 were counted on one day 3 April. In 2014, the peak was reached even then on April 3 with 23,000 cranes. In 2015, the first cranes arrived already on February 26, but then it went slower, 10 cranes on March 15, but just in time for the inauguration of Naturum Trandansen, about 10,000 had arrived. In 2018, there were at most about 24,500 cranes on April 8. However, the number of visitors is even more, about 150,000 come every year to experience the spectacle.

Naturum Trandansen

The infocenter is open daily 9-19 from March 23 until April 16. 

Bird guiding 10-14 daily.

Toilets are though open and cleaned daily.

During the crane season, the parking fee for cars and motorhomes at Trandansen is charged. This is paid with Swish to number 123 635 79 25. Write your registration number as a message. The fee for passenger cars is SEK 30/day. The fee for motorhomes/caravans is SEK 130/night. The money goes to the crane food. This year, a web camera will also be broadcasting from Trandansen throughout the season, then it will be moved to Naturum Hornborgasjön.