Botanist, programmer and photographer

About Mats Hagberg

Botanist, programmer and photographer

I am born in Stockholm but I have always considered myself as a being a countryman. I now live in a small country house in the middle of Sweden, near Leksand with my dog and cat.

I studied at Gothenburg Universtity where I did a thesis in Systematic Botany. After graduation I have worked mostly as a developer at Volvo IT.

I started photographing nature again some 10 years ago and developed a platform for guiding people to get out in the nature near my home town by then - Nature around Gothenburg.
I now use some Olympus OM1 and OM-D E-M1 Mark II cameras with the PRO lenses, older photos are taken with Nikon equipment. I try to travel on a low budget to make a small carbon dioxide imprint.

This updated version contains both guides to nature and photo albums.


Photo by Gunnar Gillberg at Dovrefjell 2017