Änggårdsbergen - Botanical garden

Nature near the city

Änggårdsbergen - Botanical garden

Walking area

Änggårdsbergen is a popular piece of nature close to the city. With its proximity to central Gothenburg, it is a popular area for walking and outdoor activities. The Änggårdsbergen nature reserve borders Gothenburg's Botanical Garden, northern Europe's largest. In the area there are several typical West Swedish nature types such as heather heaths and marshlands.

Vitsippsdalen, with its proximity to the Sahlgrenska hospital, is a popular excursion destination. Within the nature reserve there is also an arboretum with a unique and interesting collection of exotic trees from different parts of the northern hemisphere. In the area there is a network of paths, which make it easy to cross the Änggårdsbergen. In Botaniska there are plantings, greenhouses and a popular café.