Stora Amundön

Stora Amundön

Cycling distance from central Gothenburg.

Stora Amundön offers something for everyone in all seasons. Here you can swim, sunbathe, hike, botanize, bird watch and walk or why not just have coffee.

Salty bath
Good swimming for the family with children is in "Drottingviken" and the smaller bay before where there is now also a snorkeling trail while the nude bathers are at the far end of "Drags näsa". In "Kungsviken" in the south, however, it is mostly rotten seaweed.

The nature trail that leads around the island is about 4.5 km. The northwestern part of the path that leads to Drottningviken is accessible for prams and wheelchairs. The path that leads past Kungsviken is hilly and goes over cliffs.

Open sea, beach meadows, meadows, pastures with oaks, deciduous forest, bare cliffs and even a small pine forest, large variation in small area gives a large number of bird species, about 160 species seen per year in recent years. Due to the variety in biotopes, there is a rich bird life all year round.

How to get here
Preferably you cycle here, but for those who take the bus, it takes about 45 minutes from central Gothenburg to the stop Ugglegården, then it is a 10-15 minute walk to the sea. For motorists there is a large car park with a fee during the summer.

Since 2020, Stora Amundön has been a municipal nature reserve