Hiking at lake Hornborga

Hiking at lake Hornborga

There are several routes to choose from with varying lengths. From the exit trail (1.3 km) to the Ytterberg trail (11.6 km).

Ytterberg trail:

From Naturum Hornborga go south past the "grebe hide" continue to the next headland where there is a bird tower, about 12 km back and forth.

Bolum trail:

3.5 km starts from Naturum Hornborgasjön and takes you through the ancient cultural landscape on the east side of the lake. You walk a round that returns to the parking lot.

"Utloppet" trail:

1.3 km starts from the parking lot on the west side of the lake between Trestena and Stenum ("Utloppet" sign from the road) and follows the embankment towards the bird tower at Flian's outlet. You have a clear view over towards Billingen. You go back the same way, but always think you always experience nature in a different way on the way back.

Ore backar trail:

Starts from the parking lot at Ore backar.